GBS TPA Self-Funding Services is all about Choice and Flexibility

For brokers serving self-funded clients of all sizes, GBS custom designs and administers innovative and cost-effective employee benefit programs to meet the industries growing challenges.   You also benefit from our ability to provide single source administrative and customer services, as well as flexible, efficient technology tools to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Employers have the ability to choose from a variety of plan designs and customized benefits to fit the needs of their employees. Employers are also able to choose a funding option and banking arrangement that best suits their budget and cash flow.

With Self-Funding, there are different arrangements for cost containment strategies:

Level Funded

Health plans that allow employers to pay a preset level 4-tier premium equivalent which includes fixed costs and the maximum claims fund. Because the employer is pre-funding the claims, any unused claim funds at the end of the contract period will be returned to the employer as savings.      

Level Funded Plans are the introduction to Self-Funding from Fully-Insured plans

-HealthyAdvantage (Small Group)

  • Pre-built plan designs
  • No detailed claims experience available
  • Individual Health Questionnaires


  • Custom Plan Designs
  • Detailed Claims Experience available
Traditional Funded

Health plans that give the employer more flexibility with cash flow since only fixed costs are invoiced monthly and claims are funded as they occur.

Full service Third Party Administrator (TPA)

  • Claims Payment and Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Relationship with multiple stop loss carriers
  • Multiple National Networks including CIGNA PPO
  • Referenced Based Pricing
  • Web-based Technology with Mobile Apps and ID Cards
  • FSA/HRA/COBRA Administration
  • Engagement Rewards Programs