In a highly competitive marketplace, brokers need (and their clients deserve) all the advantages they can get. Amwins Connect Administrators is committed to our broker partners and their clients. Amwins Connect Administrators' consolidated enrollment & billing solutions are designed to;

  • Save you time
  • Increase your sales and productivity
  • Improve your client service
  • Provide technology solutions for your clients

Amwins ViewTM Fully-Insured Broker Portal

As a broker, you need one consolidated place to manage all of your clients, commissions and prospects. With Amwins View, you have that control!


  • Amwins Connect Administrators OnQTM technology is designed to save your valuable time
    • Multiple Carriers - view a comprehensive selection of multiple carriers for medical, dental & vision plans
    • Compare Plan Designs - Using the Quote Specification screen, select the type of plans, benefit options and rating tiers you wish to quote
    • Favorites - Save multiple favorites by Carrier, Plan and Options.
    • Proposal Formats - Three proposal formats available (Pricelist Report, Custom Proposal with brief benefit description and rates or detailed Comparison of Benefits and rates)
    • Prospect Management - Allows you to maintain current prospect demographic information for future quotes
    • Renewal Proposals - Allows you to sort your clients by renewal date and upload current enrollment census to generate renewal proposals
  • View Commission Statements
  • View and manage all of your client quotes

Amwins Connect Administrators provides these services at no cost to our broker and clients an all administered business.