Engagement Rewards Program is America’s most innovative, participation-based health & wellness incentive program! With the increasing cost of health care, and most experts agreeing that 70% of our health care costs are due to lifestyle choices and related illness, it is time to take control of health care costs by improving health.

GBS Provider Choice Rewards

  • Designed to reward employees and spouses to utilize high quality, low cost providers to reduce claims cost
  • Easy to use web based portal for employees to look up procedures and illustrate PPO providers in your area and what the reward will be
  • Once services are performed, employee receives a reward check between $25-$100 and plan saves $500-$2,000

GBS HealthySolutions

  • Benefit designed to incentivize employees and their spouses to engage in healthy lifestyles and improve outcomes to reduce claims cost
  • Customize incentives to target your high risk population
  • Incentives encourage high claimants to engage first to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)