Voluntary Benefits

As changes in health care continue to reconstruct the benefit landscape, the pressure for professional advisors to provide comprehensive, long-term, innovative benefit strategies continue to mount. Insurance professionals will have to take a much more inclusive approach to benefit program strategies, including the strategic implementation of voluntary benefits as an integral part of any benefit plan, in order to compete and maintain a thriving practice.

GBS is committed to staying on the leading edge of product and benefit strategy innovation so that the services and options that our partners take to the marketplace help to maintain the maximum competitive advantage. With that commitment in mind, Group Benefit Services has developed the GBS Voluntary Benefits Solutions System (VBSS). The VBSS is a 3 part, turn-key system providing:

  1. Quality voluntary products from highly rated carriers,
  2. Marketing, presentation and implementation services, and
  3. Ongoing GBS employer client and member service.

Adopting a strategic, systematic perspective to voluntary benefits makes entry into this market immediate, proactive, and permanent. This turn-key system makes it possible for GBS partners to provide their current clients and potential clients an increasingly important benefit strategy and build a profitable new revenue stream while maintaining their focus on building their “Core” business.

Strategic and Profitable

There are 5 steps to making Voluntary Benefits strategic and profitable:

  1. Develop and commit to a specific strategy for voluntary benefits
  2. Measure, monitor and support that strategy separately from other marketing initiatives
  3. Stay up to date with products and other voluntary strategies
  4. Enhance current enrollment practices into benefit communication processes.
  5. Commit to ongoing employer and member quality service.


  1. We have developed that specific voluntary benefit strategy and we will work with you to put that system to work for you
  2. We have developed the methodology to measure, monitor and support your commitment to a voluntary benefit strategy
  3. We perform the due diligence with the top voluntary benefit carriers and support organizations
  4. We realize the vital nature of the voluntary benefit enrollment process and we provide state of the art enrollment and benefit communication technology and capabilities.

The GBS Voluntary Benefits Solution System (VBSS), giving you immediate access to this evolving market. For more information on making voluntary benefits strategic and profitable or to learn more about GBS VBSS contact us.