Premium Grace Period Extension

As of 3/27 Unum has not granted any specific grace period extension. If additional consideration is required, the group should contact GBS with details regarding their situation and we will work with the carrier to understand the group's ability to pay premium and strive to obtain an extension for that particular group.

Coverage Available to Laid Off Employees

Furloughed employees are considered on temporary layoff and remain eligible for coverage for 60 days or the length of the layoff provision in the group contract.

Waiver of Waiting Period if Employees Return from Layoff

If employees are terminated and are then rehired after the timeframe for temporary lay off, they are subject to the standard plan rules and rehire provision of the contract. They may, however, have credit for a waiting period that has already been satisfied.

This exception would be confirmed by GBS with the carrier.

Employees Who Have a Reduction in Hours

Yes, Unum would waive the minimum hour requirement during this emergency.