GBS works with Best in Class Underwriting partners to help find the best benefit option and cost saving plan for your employer and their employees. Since we work with multiple partners, we are able to underwrite in multiple ways.

Individual Personal Health Questionnaires (PHQs)

In the small group market the group typically won't have access to their claims experience from their current health carrier. If that is the case, we can offer you the option to have each employee complete a PHQ. In doing this, the underwriter basis their analysis on your groups medical health information. This helps get a clear picture of current claims and potential ongoing claims. The underwriting process can be done through our online technology called AmQUE. This system compiles all of the data to send to multiple MGUs. 

To receive an underwritten proposal based on PHQs, you will need to complete the following:

  • Group Health Questionnaire (GHQ)
  • Personal Health Questionnaire
  • Renewal
  • Dependent Level Census
  • Current rates and benefit summaries

Contact us for more information.

Individual Rx Lookup (IRX)

Another underwriting option available is IRX. With IRX the employer completes an authorization form and sends that, along with Employee authorizations, a dependent level census that includes social security numbers, to GBS. With that information, the underwriter is able to look up the employee and dependents in a database that shows all of the prescriptions that employe has ever taken. Doing it this way, allows the underwriter to review high prescription costs and utilization to benchmark potential high claimants.

To receive an underwritten proposal based on IRX, you will need to complete the following:

  • Employer Level Supplemental Questionnaire
  • Employee IRX Authorization
  • Dependent level census
  • Prior 6 month invoice for current health plan
  • Group Renewal

Contact us for more inforamtion, or to submit an IRX group for underwriting.

Large Group Traditional Underwriting

If you are a large group and have claims experience, we can take that information and send to one of our underwriting partners. This would be in place of the group completing PHQs. Instead, the underwriter will look at your current and renewal rates and benefits and large claimant reports to determine the best option for your employees.

You will need the following information to receive an underwritten proposal:

  • Complete the initial Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Current rates and benefit summaries
  • Two years of renewals
  • Two years of detailed claims
  • High claimant report
  • Census to include: Name, DOB, Gender, Coverage Level and Zip Code

Contact us for more information, or to submit a large group for underwriting.