GBS' Advanced Technology Puts Information at Your Fingertips

In a highly competitive marketplace, brokers need all the advantages they can get. Because GBS is committed to our broker-partners, we have developed technology solutions that:

  • Saves You Time
  • Increases Your Sales and Productivity
  • Improves Your Client Service
  • Provides Technology Solutions for Your Clients
HR Connect and HRIS Systems

One of the most important responsibilities an HR Professional has is to recruit and hire the most qualified applicants to fill their company positions. GBS developed an integrated HR Recruiting and onboarding tool to streamline the recruiting, tracking and onboarding new employees. Some of the features include:

  • Custom client home page
  • Post job openings on all social media sites such as Career Builder, LinkedIn, Monster, etc.
  • Management dashboard to manage all open or closed positions
  • Maintain job applicant history
  • Automated email responses to applicants
  • Interview request emails
  • Online accept or decline offer by applicant
  • Enroll in benefits online

This totally automated HR support tool will help the busy HR Manager streamline the time consuming tasks of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding their personnel. To hear more or to request a demo, contact us.

GBSAccess™ Fully-Insured Broker Portal

As a need one place to manage all of your clients, commissions and prospects. With GBSAccess, you have that control!

Some features include

  • GBS' OnQ™ technology is designed to save your valuable time.
    • Multiple Carriers - View a comprehensive selection of multiple carriers for medical, dental & vision plans
    • Compare Plan Designs - Using the Quote Specification screen, select the type of plans, benefit options and rating tiers you wish to quote
    • Favorites - Save multiple favorites by Carrier, Plan and Options
    • Proposal Formats - Three proposal formats available (Pricelist Report, Custom Proposal with brief benefit description and rates or detailed Comparison of Benefits and rates)
    • Prospect Management - Allows you to maintain current prospect demographic information for future quotes
    • Renewal Proposals - Allows you to sort your clients by renewal date and upload current enrollment census to generate renewal proposals.
  • View Commission Statements
  • View and Manage all of your client quotes

To learn more about the quoting capabilities of GBS OnQ, contact us.

GBSAccess™ Fully-Insured Client Portal

GBSAccess™  portal allows you to utilize our flexible, efficient web tools and perform these tasks quickly and easily, anywhere,
any time - day or night!

Watch the GBSAccess™ with Online Enrollment Demo:

The portal enables and provides access to
important information for you , such as:

  • Account Information - Provides account and contact information
  • Enrollment Summary - Provides a census of all employees (active and/or terminated)
  • Employee & Dependent Summary - Provides details about enrollment, plans & costs
  • Financial History - Displays enrollment, billing and payment information for last 3 billing cycles

  • Plans & Rates - View current Carriers, Plans, Group Numbers & Rates
  • Premium Invoices - Provides a listing of the past 18 months premium invoices in a PDF or excel format
  • Temporary ID Information - Prints a temporary ID information sheet confirming coverage effective date, plan, coverage type, group number for each employee or the entire group
  • Pre-populated Enrollment forms - Print a completed GBS Election form to streamline the renewal process
  • Online payment - one click payment and set up auto-pay
  • Online Enrollment - Manage open enrollment plus day to day life events and changes
  • Online call/task tracking history

To learn more about how GBSAccess™ can help you streamline your customer service responsibilities, contact us.

GBS' AmQUE-Self-Funded Client & Member Portal

GBS' AmQUE enables you to reduce your time researching eligibility or claim issues. Utilize our flexible, efficient web tools, for clients and members, and perform these tasks quickly and easily, anywhere, any time - day or night!

AmQUE provides access to important information for you and your clients, such as:

  • Online Enrollment - Open enrollment and daily life event changes 
  • Dashboards - Maintain underwriting and enrollment capmpaigns
  • Benefits At A Glance - Provides details about employees and dependants enrollment, plans & costs
  • Document Library - Access important electronic documents and forms
  • Preferred Provider Directories   - Research whether hospitals or doctors are in the PPO network to maximize benefit payments and discounts
  • Claim Inquiry & History - View the status and detail of medical, dental, vision or FSA claims. View Explanation Of Benefits (EOBs) for each claim payment.
  • View current deductible and out of pocket maximum accumulators
  • View online ID card
  • Flexible Spending Account History - View FSA Account contributions, claim reimbursements and account balances.
  • Health and Wellness Center - Access valuable health and wellness information to assist employees in managing their health care concerns.
  • Reports - Access web-enabled reports
  • Billing - Review invoices, billing summaries or detailed billing information in a PDF or excel format

To learn more about how AmQUE system can help you streamline your customer service responsibilities, contact us.

GBS AmQUE Broker Portal

AmQUE automates the level funded quote, underwriting and enrollment process saving you and your clients a tremendous amount of time.

Web based platform to Quote, Underwrite and Enroll

  • Simple census upload for quick and easy quoting  
  • Database to maintain all quoting activity
  • Broker and Employer Dashboards to measure underwriting and enrollment campaigns
  • Web or Mobile app for employees to complete underwriting and enroll in benefits
  • DocuSign for Electronic signature and submission of employer paperwork
  • Attract and retain clients on one Enterprise System

To learn more about AmQUE and request a demo, contact us.