Important COVID Vaccine Updates

We’re proud that Kaiser Permanente is an approved administrator of the COVID-19 vaccine in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, and we have made extraordinary progress in our vaccination efforts.

  • 30,000. We have already administered more than 30,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 65%. We are making significant inroads vaccinating our oldest patients. Virginia is leading the way with about 65 percent of members ages 75 and older already vaccinated.
  • 5 stars. Our patients are raving about the care we are giving them when they come for vaccination.

Our efforts go beyond vaccinating our own KP members. We have been working with the DC government to support vaccinations of DC Fire and Emergency Services as well as the Metropolitan Police Department. We’ve also started vaccinating staff with Prince George’s County Public Schools and have partnered with the state of Maryland at a mass vaccination site at Six Flags. These partnerships are a great opportunity for non-members to experience the great care we provide at Kaiser Permanente.

Vaccine supply does remain limited and our ability to expand and speed vaccine administration depends on the vaccine supply in each state. To stay up to date and get fast answers to questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, look at our web page for your state:

Premium Grace Period Extension

Kaiser's grace period is 60 days for all small, mid & large groups. Large group standard delinquency payment processes resumed in May and groups should reach out to GBS if additional payment provisions are being requested.  For small group plan holders, Kaiser is extending the temporary termination suspension policy through June 30, 2020.

Coverage Available to Laid Off Employees

Employers may keep laid off employees on the plan but the employers are responsible for the entire premium of that employee. No time limit has been set but Kaiser hopes that they see a return to work in 2 - 3 months.

Waiver of Waiting Period if Employees Return from Layoff

Employers may waive the re-hire waiting period. If the employee returns to work within the same calendar year, deductibles met will be credited. If they do not return within the calendar year, deductibles will reset.

Termination Suspension Policy

Kaiser Permanente has decided to extend our temporary termination suspension policy for Individual & Family (KPIF) and small group plan holders through June 30.

We will continue to monitor regulatory activity over the next 30 days, but will not terminate KPIF or small group customers in June solely based on their inability to pay premium dues. We will continue to process normal disenrollment requests submitted by our customers, brokers, and general agencies.

For large groups, Kaiser Permanente restarted our standard delinquency payments process in May. We continue to work directly with all billed large group customers that are substantially delinquent in their premium dues payments to make sure they have a payment plan and ensure we support their retention. If they are still unable to make payments and are multiple months past due, groups could potentially be terminated for non-payment.

Employees Who Have a Reduction in Hours

Employees with a reduction in hours below the 30 hr. minimum can remain on the plan. No specific time limit has been set but Kaiser hopes to see an increase in hours to the 30 hr. minimum within 2 - 3 months

Additional Information

A Special Enrollment period for SGR (1-50) groups in MD, DC and VA will be announced this week to run through April 3, 2020 for an effective date of coverage of April 1, 2020.