Premium Grace Period Extension

60 day grace period extension

Waiver of Waiting Period if Employees Return from Layoff

Employers can choose to waive waiting period for rehires.

EyeMed Cares Program

EyeMed will be taking an important action to aid former EyeMed plan participants who may have been impacted by furloughs and layoffs. Long-term relationships are built on trust and confidence that we take care of clients and their current/former employees through good times and very difficult times.

Over the next two weeks, we'll be communicating with all EyeMed clients that we will make our EyeMed Cares program available at an unprecedented level. EyeMed Cares was originally developed to help members in communities recover and rebuild from natural disasters and other local events. Our leadership team made the decision to launch EyeMed Cares on a national level to help all previous plan participants impacted by the global pandemic.

To help your clients' former employees that participated in an EyeMed vision plan who may have been impacted by COVID-19 reductions in force, we will enroll them in our EyeMed Cares plan. We will communicate the program and enroll former employees at no cost to clients. And their former employees will not be charged any enrollment or membership fees. Each former employee will be mailed a custom member packet directly to their homes. The member packet will provide details on an exclusive network of providers—including those closest to their home—who have agreed to provide a significantly discounted eye exam and help them save on their out-of-pocket costs.

WHY ARE WE IMPLEMENTING THIS PROGRAM? As a result of COVID-19, we understand that many of our clients and former employees have been forced to make some very difficult choices, including choices that may result in them no longer participating in a vision benefits plan. At the same time, vision correction needs are critical for many of us to carry on with our day-to-day lives—and with many eye doctors reopening businesses—we expect a continued demand for updated glasses and contact lenses. Our EyeMed Cares plan is one way EyeMed can help.

WHEN WILL CLIENTS BE NOTIFIED? All EyeMed clients will be notified before Friday, May 29th.

HOW WILL FORMER EMPLOYEES/PLAN PARTICIPANTS BE NOTIFIED? EyeMed will cover the cost of all communications and send a welcome packet to former EyeMed plan participants in June.

HOW LONG MAY FORMER PLAN PARTICIPANTS USE THE PLAN? The EyeMed Cares plan will be valid through 12/31/20.