Premium Grace Period Extension

Update as of 4/28/20:  Premium deferral for 60 days after the DC Public Health Emergency ends on May 15th is being extended automatically.  Because premium payments are due at the end of each month, premium will be due by July 31, 2020.  In addition, an automatic 12 month repayment period is being granted.  Therefore, if a client missed payments before the emergency was declared or cannot make payments during the 60 day extended grace period, 12 months to repay premium will be automatically granted without late fees or interest.

Coverage Available to Laid Off Employees

Respective carrier guidelines will apply.

Waiver of Waiting Period if Employees Return from Layoff

Respective carrier guidelines will apply.

Employees Who Have a Reduction in Hours

Respective carrier guidelines will apply.

Additional Information

Special Enrollment Period has been established with coverage effective the first of the month following enrollment (i.e., enroll in March for April 1, 2020 coverage.